Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

There are so many real estate agents in the market, how can you make sure you are making the right choice?

It comes down to honesty, integrity, experience and proven track record.

Top Questions to Ask Your Agent…

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?
  3. What market share does your company have?
  4. How will choosing your company brand help to sell my house?
  5. What is the average days on the market in my area?
  6. What Your average days to sell a property?
  7. What is the average list-to-sell ratio in the real estate board?
  8. How does list-to-sell compare to the average?
  9. What unique skills do you have that make you a great negotiator?

Elena Krasnopolskaya Realtor Coldwell Banker Delray Beach office/South Florida

I love my customers and when I can’t personally represent one in a real estate transaction, I can make sure an equally qualified agent does.

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Move me to Florida


Research shows children of homeowners earn higher test scores and graduate at a higher percentage than those of renters.


People who own rather than rent stay in their homes 4 times longer. This provides an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and connect with your local community


Renting has often been compared to paying 100% interest, but when you own a home and a mortgage is in place, a portion of your payment goes toward the principal balance on your loan. This builds your equity and acts as a savings account.


Home value have a well-documented history of going up over time. This increase becomes equity you can benefit from when you refinance or sell.

Tax Savings

The government rewards homeowners by providing excellent tax benefits. The interest paid on your mortgage and other home-related expenses can generally be deducted from your income.


The feeling of owning your home is unmatched. You can fix it up, make it your own, get a dog, or plant a tree if you want. Doesn’t that sound exciting!

Elena Krasnopolskaya


Coldwell Banker