MPR Military Relocation





You know how I feel about the women and men who serve. Thank You just doesn’t seem enough but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

MPR Military Relocation

  • I work with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs.
  • Provide Services for Military Buyers and Sellers. I can help you to get in touch with people for Adaptive Housing.
  • I will find you home that meets needs and wants.
  • I will find you home that offers better value than renting and better value then military housing.
  • I believe in the value of your neighborhood. Your property represents a solid foundation on which to build a secure investment.

Because I specialize in your area, I would like to keep you informed of properties that are currently on the market. I would be happy to prepare a free Comparable Market Analysis of your home. In order for me to give you more information on the market and competitive pricing, I would love to set up an appointment with you.


Looking forward to building a relationship with you!



I partner with:


FDVA Florida Department of Veterans Affairs


Patriot Placements


Patriot Placements is committed to Servicing the Military Community by Working with Corporate America to Provide Jobs and Economic Independence to our Nation’s Heroes and their Spouses.


Vinceremos-Therapeutic Riding Center


Horses give you Strength, Power, Courage, and Dignity. Your can find your power in a horse….


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